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About Nakoah Waters Art Studio

It started when "Art Goes to School" visited my elementary school. Volunteers would bring masterpieces from a museum explaining to the class how the paintings were made and information on the lives of the creators. It made an impression that has never left, and it wasn't until many years later, even after learning an instrument, that I knew I had an artist's touch.

 As a leader in the technology field there is always the opportunity to train fellow team members and customers, these skills were utilized further when becoming a martial arts instructor. Seeing the students grow mentally and physically is one of the best feelings you can have as a leader. 

Creating has never left me. The tools may have changed, there may have been gaps of time, the results varied, but it never stopped. So I went searching for a way to share what I have learned and learn from others. Locating an art hub to commune with others without driving into the city just wasn't available. So here we are. Hopefully the start of a main cog in a larger picture to bring art, music, and other techniques to those that want this option for themselves and their families.

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