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What is Acrylic Paint Pouring?

I teasingly say it is part art , part chemistry, and part give it up to God.

If you eve get a chance to play with acrylic pouring you will understand.

Abstract Art

"Can you show me some real art? This isn't it." Abstract art isn't everyone's cup of tea. In fact, until I started playing in the acrylic pouring world I didn't understand abstract art either. Once I started seeing the stress reduction and the excitement of "What can I make now?" I understood.


Yes...chemistry. There is a formula as to how much paint, medium, and a tiny bit of water to get to a consistency needed to produce the type or pour you are doing.

Starting from left to right here are the techniques shown:

Swipe, Cloud Ring, Silicone Dirty Pour, Multi Cup Dirty Pour, Ring, String pull with Balloon, Dutch Pour, Plastic Wrap Smash, Traveling Ring Pour, Mistake Angel Wing, Leaves with Leaves, Fishing Bobber, Balloon Smash, Mixed Media, Pour with Acrylic Overlay.

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